Saturday, February 9, 2019

Announcement: The Contributor's List.


Brian here. Jennifer has asked me to do this announcement. She's swamped with life, and adulting, and the cat's dental care. We've been waiting on the final dotting of "I"s and crossing of "T"s and the signings on the lines which are dotted.

Now that all that important documentation is out of the way. I get to announce the list of contributors to "Space Opera Libretti."

<insert the roaring of a stadium full of fanatical supporters here>

Our contributors are, in no specific order:

Ingrid Garcia
K.G. Anderson
Jean Graham
Julia Huni
Tom Barlow
Harry Turtledove
EDE Bell
James Dorr
Larry Hodges
Cait Gordon
Dave D'Alessio
Minerva Cerridwen
Bruce Taylor
Alex Kropf
Dawn Vogel
Lizz Donnelly
Dean Brink
Spruce Wells
Jennifer Lee Rossman
Brian McNett

We had an absolutely amazing group of submissions to read. This came down to some very difficult choices. It certainly wouldn't take a whole lot of arm-twisting to get me to do this again.

Jennifer and I are editing furiously, but to be honest, our contributors have shown themselves to be real professionals, even the beginners. Our edits will only be to the end of making their perfect darlings even better

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Submissions Now Closed!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Submissions are now closed. We received over 80 stories, and are working our way through them. We hope to have decisions on all stories soon, and then we'll have to narrow down our shortlist to get our final table of contents.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Updates and Cover Art

Well, our Kickstarter failed to reach its goal, and we're very disappointed. But the anthology is still happening! We'll be going to a royalty system, and opening a Gumroad store for preorders. Exact percentages will be determined by how many stories we accept.

We're still open for submissions until the 31st!
And this is only a mockup of the actual cover, but we have cover art! Thanks to the fabulous Ivori Blake ( for bringing our alien diva to life.

Monday, November 5, 2018

3...2...1... Kickstarter Launch!

Our Kickstarter is officially launched! Backers can get an ebook or physical book, as well as some unique rewards (like the chance to read the unedited first drafts of the editors' stories)!

We're already more than ten percent of the way to our goal, and the more we earn, the more we pay our authors.

Check it out here!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

We Are OPEN!

Well, the costumes have been taken off, spooky candy is half-off, and the neighbor's tree has been thoroughly toilet papered (serves you right for giving out Bit'O'Honey, Mr. Becker). Yes, folks, it's November, and you know what that means...

Space Opera Libretti is officially open for submissions!!!

Pop on over to our submission guidelines and send us your wacky and inclusive space opera (emphasis on the opera -- we're hoping to get stories that have a musical element).

We'll reply as soon as we can, but we are busy setting up the Kickstarter and... you know, having pesky real life stuff that needs attending to.

Thanks for joining us in this journey.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Introduction: A New Comical Anthology of Science Fiction

Dystopias are boring. They've become formulaic. The world has ended. Survivors eke out a grim and dark existence. Everything goes wrong. People die. More people die. Then it gets grim and dark (as if it wasn't before).

We've decided there's enough grim and dark in the real world without creating more of it as entertainment. And looking out on the publishing landscape we see a distinct shortage of anthologies of light, happy, FUN SF/F. In fact, we can count the number of such anthologies without resorting to two digits in binary. That's right, there's just ONE. It's a very good anthology, but it's carrying a heavy load.

We sense a great imbalance in the multiverse, therefore. An open niche which needs filling.

However, there's a problem. You see, the alternative to these grim, dark, dystopian nightmare worlds has long been considered to be Space Opera. Heroic Tales of Manly Men Being Manly while Womenly Women are Womanly and Small Furry Aliens Are the Objects of Humor and Derision. This is a cause which of late has been championed by the horrible sorts of people who only see SF/F through a lens of fake nostalgia for a bygone age. What the actual flickering light of reason! SF/F isn't NOSTALGIA!

So we need an antidote to the antidote to grim and dark tales of grimness and darkness. And besides, the model for space opera is wrong. It's drawn from "horse opera." Tales of the old west, and there we are with all that nostalgia again. Our new model for space opera is... well... OPERA!  And every opera needs a libretto. (def: the text used in, or intended for, an extended musical work such as an opera, operetta, masque, oratorio, cantata or musical.)

However, (what's with all these exceptions!) there's another problem. You see, there's nothing at all new under the sun. Take, for instance, villains.

The typical space opera villain has long been the Alien Space Nazi. They're Coming to Earth to Exterminate Us All (but first they'll confine us to death camps and get as much poor-quality labor out of us as they can before we die). Fictional Nazis don't scare us. There are REAL Nazis out there, folks. We usually punch six of them before breakfast.

Another hoary old standby of the space opera (often combined with the above), is the Eldritch Lovecraftian Horror From Beyond All Reality. Folks, this thing is so tired there are now Cthulhu PLUSHIES. Your neighbor's kid is wearing a "Yog-Sottoth is my Co-Pilot" t-shirt and no one bats an eyelash. If actual Fungi From Yuggoth were to land on Earth, the Queen of England would likely just invite them down for tea.

Thus we've decided that Alien Space Nazis are straight out. No space fascism, please. Also, Space Cthulhu is done. We're not the only ones to come to this conclusion, mind you. No one will ever say we're original thinkers here. Here's Charlie Stross:

At least one of us thinks the Mayans did their gruesome gods better, but whatever.

To summarize, we need a more inclusive space opera. Fewer Nazis. No Chtulhu. Better representation for women, especially women of color. Better representation for the whole QUILTBAG-P+/-, Disabled persons. #ownvoices. Sure, we like stories with white guys who fight off evil... In space. Hey, who doesn't like space? You're living in it, you know. But there are other stories. We'd like to read them. We'd like to PUBLISH them for others to read.

This is where YOU come in. You are a WRITER. You wish to write inclusive fiction. You want stories which are light and fun and happy just as much as we do. You're a writer of color. You're a disabled writer. You're a neurologically atypical writer. You're a neurologically atypical disabled writer of COLOR. You're a woman. You're trans. You're bi, gay, asexual... Hey, some of us don't really want sex, kinda find it ickily biological and weird. That's okay. Those stories count too. It's not that we'll rule out stories by straight white guys, just as we won't rule out stories ABOUT them.

So get creative with your creations and create for us creative works of imaginative imaginings. Weird mashups. Space Dinosaurs versus Ancient Mayan Gods. Time-Traveling Agender Steampunky Fairies with Rocket Packs and Lasers versus A Wild Army of Robot Ninja Bonobo Pirates. I dunno, I'm just making up the mash-ups as I go here! 1950s sensibilities in everything BUT the lack of inclusion of the 1950s. Countdowns to "Blast off." Big fins on all the rockets. Torchships flying in brachistochrone trajectories on pillars of fire as God Herself intended.

And in act three, the ARIA. Actual coloratura diva sopranos singing! Because this is OPERA!

Guidelines are available here. We hope to open to submissions on November 1.

Right now, we're working on our Kickstarter campaign, and our payment rates aren't solidified just yet. However, we're hoping that we can at least tool up to become a SFWA-qualifying market. That means we're going to TRY for market rates (an equivalent of 6¢/word). But we want you to start writing even before we know for certain.